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AFRECA - Association for Renewable Energy Cooking Appliances

AFRECA is a broad ranging marketing and product development association for producers of safe and efficient cooking appliances, giving its members access to an established infrastructure as well as a wide range of benefits.

Acting on behalf of suppliers, distributors, developers and promoters in the industry, the association is operational throughout Southern Africa. AFRECA is a division in the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA), an organization that aims to support renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Southern African context.

Through the joint relationship with SESSA, AFRECA’s members will have access to the ISES Solar World Congress 2009, during October 2009. A pivotal congress, its theme is aptly named, “Renewable Energy: Shaping our Future”.
Representing the producers’ interests, AFRECA’s members are able to take advantage of the associations existing infrastructure; access to product research and development; as well as the benefits of lobbying key stakeholders for effective industry change. Access to trainng in best industry standards; educational and marketing material; business referrals; technical assistance; and a platform to market products to the end-consumer, makes AFRECA an effective association and industry leader.

The association recognizes that access to clean, safe, reliable and affordable cooking technologies, remains an enormous challenge for the majority of low-income households in Southern Africa. Hence, AFRECA supports the industry to work together delivering improved cooking technologies to the market through the development, production and marketing of safe and effecient cooking appliances. Through the broad promotion and development of energy efficient technologies the association and its members remain aware of the development and promotion of technology that improves quality of life, by overcoming energy challenges and shortages in a sustainable manner.

Industry Leader

AFRECA was founded in February 2005 at the first meeting held in Johannesburg, where divergent organisations including Government, NGO’s, technology suppliers as well as end-users were represented. As a division of SESSA (a registered non-profit organization), the association benefits from its alignment with international networks through the International Solar Energy Society (ISES).

AFRECA, through its members aims to:

  • Deliver improved cooking technologies to the market through the development, production and marketing of safe and efficient cooking appliances;
  • Create awareness and disseminate information on the availability of efficient, renewable cooking options;
  • Engage key stakeholders to lobby for support and recognition of efficient, renewable cooking options in policies and strategies at a regional and national level;
  • Act as an industry association, overseeing general good conduct and orderly development of the renewable and efficient cooking industry.
  • AFRECA is committed to address the need for renewable and energy efficient cooking appliances.

Member Benefits of Afreca

  • Training and promotion opportunity on energy efficient techniques and practices
  • Access to research and development studies and findings
  • Ideal platform for marketing products to consumers and general public
  • Direct interaction with consumers and studies
  • Business enquiries and referrals
  • Mentoring service offered
  • Invitations to exhibitions, events, courses, symposia, meetings and discussion groups held by AFRECA and partners
  • Display opportunities at key events, exhibitions or workshops
  • Invitations to participate in research and product development forums
  • Training in best-industry standards
  • Web-link and web product advertisement for information dissemination
  • Joint membership of AFRECA and Sustainable Energy Societ of Southern Africa (SESSA), allowing access to ISES Solar World Congress 2009
  • Monthly AFRECA newsletter and the industry’s membership directory
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